Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski & Snowboard Instructors

Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski & Snowboard Instructors

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Hold back your expectations! Although many ski schools uploaded the vacancies themselves they are not so keen to remove the listing once their team is complete. Applicants tell us some do not even respond. Please let us know if a listing is not responding.
How to get a job and what to expect at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort

For any instructor applying form overseas you need to know that you either need J1 sponsorship, be a US resident/ citizen or have a Level 3 certification for our H2B program ! Please read:

While we look for great applicants year around, we typically hire most of our domestic instructors during September and October. Most of our instructors teach skiing or snowboarding from December through April, with training programs starting in November and December. Weekends and holidays are our busiest periods and the time that we need help the most. We also have a Two Week Teaching Program for Part Time instructors that want a taste of what teaching is like in Tahoe; please contact Human Resources for more information on this program.

Ski, Snowboard and X-over Instructors (Full-time or Part-time)
  • Certified Instructors - We are offering positions for full and part-time instructors who teach skiing, snowboarding or both. If you would like to be part of the best team you have ever been part of, please consider joining us for the winter season. Sierra-at-Tahoe boasts the best teaching terrain in the Lake Tahoe region and some of the best tree-skiing and backcountry gates you can find. Come check it out yourself! If you do not have experience teaching skiing or snowboarding, you may apply.
  • Inexperienced Instructors - We are offering limited positions to applicants wanting to learn how to become an instructor for skiing, snowboarding or both. These are both part time and full time positions.
Other jobs available through the Ski & Snowboard School
  • Child care (Day Care) teachers and aides.  Preference for ECE qualified applicants.
  • Ski and Snowboard School Cashier - sell ski and snowboard school products and help coordinate over-the-phone reservations.
  • Competition Department.  Coaches & Race Crew with experience.
  • Teacher Assistants. Help instructors with their classes out on the hill and indoors.
 Fax: 530.659.7749 or
 Mail to: Ski and Snowboard School
 Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
 1111 Sierra at Tahoe Rd.
 Twin Bridges, CA 95735

Job Properties

  • Seasonal
  • Holiday Weeks
Experience level
No Experience needed

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