Hanazono Powder Guides, Niseko Japan

Hanazono Powder Guides, Niseko Japan

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Hold back your expectations! Although many ski schools uploaded the vacancies themselves they are not so keen to remove the listing once their team is complete. Applicants tell us some do not even respond. Please let us know if a listing is not responding.
Hanazono Powder Guides (HPG) is a team of back country guides working as a part of HANAZONO Niseko Ski Resort. HPG introduces the Niseko powder to those guests from all over the world.
HPG started CAT tour at Niseko Weiss Mountain 2016-2017 season and we had tons of great reviews from guests. 
HPG is now seeking for passionate members who would share the perfect powder moments with our guests.

We seeking for …

  • -Skiers with good back country experiences.
  • -Who has all necessary back country equipment.
  • -Who understands “Niseko Rules” well and has experiences riding the back country areas accessible through Niseko gates.
  • -Who is passionate and open-minded to exploring new & different culture.
  • -Who has qualifications in avalanche control and/or is process of achieving one.
  • -Who has any other qualifications related guiding.
  • -Who has official license to drive for winter in Japan (international driver’s license etc.)

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