Cardrona New Zealand

Cardrona New Zealand

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Hold back your expectations! Although many ski schools uploaded the vacancies themselves they are not so keen to remove the listing once their team is complete. Applicants tell us some do not even respond. Please let us know if a listing is not responding.
This is a full time teaching position. You will be scheduled to work five days per week and can expect to work on average between 4 - 6 hours per day depending on business levels. During busy times we will schedule you 6 days a week, during slower times 4 days a week.

At Cardrona, all instructors teach kids and adult group lessons with some private lessons depending on where you are in the priority. The majority of our group lessons are beginner and intermediate with some advanced levels and park lessons. It is advantageous to be qualified in both skiing and snowboarding and also to have experience teaching children.

Contracts are from early June until October and you must be available for preseason training starting from early June. A shorter contract finishing early September may be available upon request.

We offer a lot of free training for our staff and encourage you to keep learning. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our guests and the friendliest and most supportive work environment for you

Sponsored visas may be available for overseas staff if you are not eligible for a working holiday visa.

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