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Whistler Life

Whistler Life

Alwin Bakker   December 27 2017  
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Whistler Life
Things are running smooth here, where the start in town was a little chaotic and the training was tons of information, now the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. And even before I started working I got “promoted” already.

Because of the sheer size of the snow school operations here, the snow school is divided into several pod-groups that work fairly independently. Initially I was placed in the pod Schools, where you teach school groups with teenagers who are here for one of a few days. An amazing and rewarding thing to do, but I’d like to be a bit more technical and I go better with adults, but the request made during my interview hadn’t come through. But after a meet and greet with the supervisors they offered me a transfer to the adult group lessons based on experience and qualification, which I greatly appreciated and thankfully accepted. Because of my personal preferences I do see this as a promotion!

The adult group lessons are called “Max 4”, which means we’ve got a maximum group size of 4 people, which is amazing! Never taught such small groups before. This really gives the guest value for their money and time. It is also almost always a full day lesson, with the exceptional half day, so we’ve got enough time to take the time we need and divide it over the people in the group. Sometimes even only 2 or 3, making it almost a private lesson. No “1 hour chaos lessons” because there isn’t the time to actually teach them something they can improve on.

Another great benefit from this pod is, since we’re starting only at 9.15am with the morning meeting (an hour later than some other pods) that I can go on morning session every morning. This doesn’t mean a morning session in bed, but a morning session training/ riding/ having fun for instructors only. The lifts open earlier, just for the instructors, at 7.45am. So I have an solid 90 minutes of riding every morning before I go to work, the best thing ever! I’ve never been good at getting up in the morning, but this is a motivation that makes it easy!

At home things are quiet, so far only one housemate, where we still have two beds available. A weird situation given the season is fully up and running for a while now already, and there’s a big housing crisis and a shortage of beds…

Maybe I’ve got more housemates when we get to the next episode, thanks for reading for now! Don’t forget to what the vlog attached, which contains a trick to make heaps of money! Who doesn’t want that? ;-)


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