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“Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer”.. Done!

“Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer”.. Done!

Alwin Bakker   June 04 2017  
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“Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer”.. Done!
The end of the season was a really special time, fully dedicated to the sport. Leading up to the exam by the end of April I was focused more than ever. Riding the longest possible days and living in Georg, the beloved and converted Audi, on the glacier resort parking. I already stopped working the second half of March, which provided me tons of time to prepare for both exams at the seasons tail.

First focus, while the snow was still good, was on touring to prepare for the Snowboardführer exams in May, for which we had to accumulate several tours as training and experience before the start of the final course/exams.

Living in the car, remotely at the bottom of the glacier, had some advantages. Not being distracted from all every-day-life that you encounter in a civilized town I happily invested the evenings in rope rescue techniques and all sorts of other bits required for the guiding exam in May. Morning were sometimes cold, which was a good motivation to get out of bed and start moving. One of the bathrooms was open around the clock, with light, warmth, water and a toilet. This provided almost a luxury situation..

Although it was remote, it wasn’t lonely at all, the top-left parking was occupied by several motor homes every day/night. Between me and a few friends we had a small village that consisted of 3 cars we had 5 human inhabitants and 3 dogs.. One night we invited friends to our “home” to have a BBQ and to show them around and convince them of what a nice place it was.

The 28th of April was the day I had to resit the one part of the Staatlichen Snowboardlehrer exam I didn’t pass in December. The less fun part to train, but in the end really rewarding. The day of the exam itself was extremely frustrating, as the weather was insane. It was the most terrible weather imaginable for the demo runs I had to do, but also one of the most supreme powder days we’ve had all season! The conditions were extremely hard to make “proper turns”, but who cares in the end? Most importantly, I came down the mountain by the end of the day with the highest instructor certification possible. A long, and sometimes exhausting chapter was finished.

The next day was finally time to.. go snowboarding again!! But with a different mindset, cleared from exams.

As I’ve got the catch up, next episode will follow soon! More about the Snowboardführer exam!

Thanks for reading and cya next time!

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Top Job!!

Well Done Alwin!!

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