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Never Waxing Anymore – DPS Phantom Base Glide Treatment

Never Waxing Anymore – DPS Phantom Base Glide Treatment

Alwin Bakker   December 19 2017  
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Never Waxing Anymore – DPS Phantom Base Glide Treatment
A while ago I saw DPS Skis announcing a new product, not skis but a treatment for your base that eliminates the need to wax forever. I didn’t pay too much attention, till it came up on a chairlift conversation this morning. It’s called the “PHANTOM Permanent Base Glide Treatment for Skis & Snowboards”.

Regular wax
If you wax your skis or board regularly, at least once a week with full days riding, it’s an expensive or time consuming process. Expensive if you bring it to a shop at the cost from around $20-30 per treatment for the minimum or around 30-60 minutes if you do it yourself.

Regular wax only penetrates the very top (or bottom :-P) layer from your base, causing the wax to only last for a few hours till a few days due to the ongoing friction with the snow. The duration depends on the amount of riding, riding style and snow conditions, but it wears off quickly so you need to repeat the waxing process. Very few people actually do this regularly enough to service their gear, the “dryer” the base gets as it wears off more and more, the more you deteriorate your equipment and the less a fresh wax will be absorbed.

Not to mention the wax you use should match the temperatures, otherwise all your hard work has been for nothing. Also, not to mention the different base profiles, extruded or sintered. Most budget gear has an extruded base that doesn’t allow wax to be absorbed that well as the sintered counterpart. As you could guess, sintered bases are more expensive.

DPS Treatment
DPS Skis claims to solve all these problems with one 20 minute treatment, for less than a $100. They claim to have created “powerful go-fast fluoro compositions” that penetrate the entire thickness of the base material. This should operate across all temperatures and is claimed to be not wearing off. It should even improve durability and resilience against rock impact because it alters the shore hardness of the base material itself.

The environment
And to make the story even better, it should also be environmental friendly, which classic wax is definitely not. Classical wax contains high levels of toxic chemical additives that are released into the ecosystem during the degradation process as you ride. When spring kicks in and snow melts, these chemicals are endangering all organic systems that get in contact with the melt water, vegetation, animals but also humans in the form of drinking water. Phantom should be completely safe for the environment, another big win.

In November, DPS Skis started a Kickstarter project, the Super Early Bird and Early Bird sales are no longer available, but for $90 you can (still) order a Kickstarter Special. The orders will be sent out and delivered in December, so it shouldn’t take long before we can get real-time customer feedback on this product. It should be better performing and better for the environment, while being cheaper on the long haul. To good to be true? We’re about the find out, it sounds really promising, personally I’m sceptical.

Have you ordered a package? Has it arrived? Have you applied it? Let us know!


- Alwin -
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