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Depth Perception - Talking trees

Depth Perception - Talking trees

Alwin Bakker   December 17 2017  
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Depth Perception - Talking trees
There was a time not too long ago, where I could watch a movie over-and-over-and-over again. I remember a few years ago watching a snowboard movie with my housemate pretty much every night while we were having dinner. It was the same movie every day, boring? No not at all, because the footage was insane, and in my opinion still is.

The combination of the state of the art tricks with rough backcountry terrain and their journey was a smooth storyline and had a perfect ratio. All of this was accompanied by music that lots of people still hear nowadays and hearing songs of the soundtrack will remind every snowboarder of snow and riding, picturing the shots from the movie the tracks belong to. The guys behind the Art of Flight did an amazing job and changed the world of snowboarding movies back in 2011.

The main guy, Travis Rice himself, set a standard that was hard to meet again. His next movie, the Fourth Phase (2016) took four years, this resulted in riding a line first but not getting the credits. Cody Townsend was credited for “line of the year” in one of the gnarliest straight-lines we’ve ever seen. Cody’s shots went wild online, but than Travis came with; “Hi sorry but I already did that!”

To me that was a sign that he got lost in his own project, a project we almost forgot about since it took so long and so many great edits and movies came out in the meantime. Despite the four years the expectations were sky high, I remember myself gathered with a bunch of friends for the global release online. We were all die hard snowboarders working in the industry, but seeing the movie left us all a bit disappointed. Of course the Fourth Phase had amazing shots, some incredible terrain and locations in the category “never-been-done” and probably for many people also the category “never-heard-off”. Their riding is from an insane level and filmed in magnificent ways with the follow-cam action were Travis films Eric Jackson as the highlight. But it wasn’t all about snowboarding as we hoped. It wasn’t the movie of continues shots where your jaw was hitting the floor..

A few days ago the new Travis Rice movie was available for free online for 24 hours, of course I sat down and watched. Depth Perception links nature and snowboarding, is completely different to his other releases on every aspect. Where Travis travelled the planet before with a big crew, he now stayed at one spot in British Columbia (Canada) with only three friends. It shows incredible amounts of snow and super high level riding, but it left me disappointed again. When I’m watching world class snowboarding I don’t want to be educated about topics that don’t matter if you’re sitting on a couch and I don’t want to listen to a tree narrating for almost an hour straight.

I think the man himself has chosen a direction that isn’t very suitable for snowboard movies, too much talking, too much philosophy and not enough riding. For me the Art of Flight is still the standard of snowboard movies, and around that time I considered Travis as the most versatile rider out there. But he has gone down since, his once so mind blowing action on the board has now been overtaken by a Norwegian boy who till a few months ago was still a kid and only just turned 18. Literally everything Marcus Kleveland does is gold, Marcus is reinventing the sport and all he does explodes of your screen.

Travis is an epic rider, and every man his own trade, so please Travis go and do what you’re doing so amazingly good, go snowboarding again and please amaze us with a state of the art “snowboarding-only-movie” again next year! Please turn around and go back to the road you were on before and stick to your own lane! Please Travis, please!

- Alwin -
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