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Being rich as an instructor is possible!

Being rich as an instructor is possible!

Alwin Bakker   April 19 2017  
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Being rich as an instructor is possible!
A lot has happened since the last time I wrote to you guys! To start with a summary; I’m a wealthy man!

I’ve gained 2 working visas, another ski certification and above everything else.. I’m not working anymore!

Shortly after my last episode I got my Canadian working visa approved, which now even more definitely means I’m not gonna come back to Europe for the next winter. Technically I’ve only got my “POE-Letter”, which means “Permission of Entry”. I need to arrive at the border within a year after the letter was granted. At the border they’ll (hopefully) stamp my passport which is the final, official, visa! But this makes it heaps easier to apply for jobs once those start to open up from June/July onwards!

That, together with the fact that I finished my working season for this year (early), means that I’ve taught my last lesson in Filzmoos (at least for a while).. :-(  The last lesson was even one on skis, but it was a request and it was pretty cool! But a little bit strange still.. although talking about skiing.. with another ski certification (Landes 1, which means “level 2”) in the pocket that might even not be that surprising. Funny as some guys here with the same qualifications on skis as I’ve got now think they’re amazing, and at the same time they think I suck on skis… even funnier is that since we’re sort of equal now.. those two don’t go together very well.. :-P

Since Easter came late this year, most people still going on holiday pick the higher areas where the snow is better. This causes the lower regions to shut down early, or at least the ski schools do. Some companies close for a while and open with Easter for one more week, but my season working is over.. and out..

Good thing if you plan your life carefully, I financially don’t need to work till the start of the New Zealand season again. With the job and the visa for NZ also sorted there isn’t anything to worry about on that side either. Which leaves me all my time for training for the Staatlichen part I need to resit, and for the Snowboardführer exam a few days later.. Hardcore training April this year.

Hopefully with only positive results, thanks for reading!


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Nice one!

Hey, hahaha good to see you on skis !! :-p

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