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Past the halfway point already..
Things are going well at the van life front! Time flies when you’re having fun, more than half the season is already history, which means it’s time to start looking ahead. Shortly after my last blog I landed myself a job in Whistler, super stoked to be...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   September 08 2017   179  
Van life!
Van life! New Hot
Happy to be back in New Zealand to clear my mind from all the stuff that was going on it was time to relax a little bit. I arrived about a week before opening day and there wasn’t much to do so it was perfect to relax, catch up...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   July 16 2017   288  
Living in a bathroom..
Only a few days after the final exam from my last episode the Snowboard Führer course and exams started.. turning the page, into the next chapter. Long it did look like the course would be a disaster due to the lack of snow, as till the last week of...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 11 2017   253  
“Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer”.. Done!
The end of the season was a really special time, fully dedicated to the sport. Leading up to the exam by the end of April I was focused more than ever. Riding the longest possible days and living in Georg, the beloved and converted Audi, on the glacier resort...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 04 2017   942  
Being rich as an instructor is possible!
A lot has happened since the last time I wrote to you guys! To start with a summary; I’m a wealthy man! I’ve gained 2 working visas, another ski certification and above everything else.. I’m not working anymore! Shortly after my last episode I got my Canadian working visa...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   April 19 2017   1143  
Kickstarter :: High-performance outerwear at a revolutionary price
The burgeoning direct-to-consumer brand, Cortèz has introduced their flagship line of outerwear, two high-end quality jackets made with skiers' needs in mind. The jackets, which were designed in-house, are loaded with top-of-the-line features like integrated Dermizax®EV membrane technology and triple-layer fabric for the best waterproofing, breathability, and durability available...
Snowinstructors   March 01 2017   2608  
Snowboardführer Part 1
January was the month leading up to the first part from the Staatlichen Snowboardführer course, which basically is a mountaineering course. Guiding guests out of the safe environment from the patrolled slopes and explore the back country.. I’ve been walking up the hill heaps, in the early...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   February 25 2017   1226  
Scored a Double-D
The pre-season was all about exams, of course the last part of the Staatlichen course, but I also decided to sign up for my level 2 skiing.. as I figured there was plenty of time anyway! I’m doing alright on skis, but I’m not a hero at...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   January 01 2017   3776  
“Staatlich” Week 5.. Check!
Luck turned out to be on my side (for once :-P) since the season in New Zealand got extended and the season in Austria started with exceptional good snow conditions for mid-October! With only 12 off-snow days it has been the shortest “in between seasons” for me so far.....
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   November 19 2016   3004  
The most out of everybody but still ranking 2nd!
After the Remarkables stayed open for a week longer than originally scheduled due to the snow we had, the season came to an end. Time to look back and evaluate.. I failed! Although I did heaps more than the guy ranking first, but I still got second place... I...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   October 28 2016   1643  
Fernweh. A Dutch Freeride Movie - trailer
Fernweh is a non-existing (German/Dutch) term. For us it means; a craving for adventure, mountains and friendship, the opposite of homesickness. This short movie tells the story about a handful of Dutch guys with the same desire, being passionate for snowboarding, becoming friends, seeking for adventure and most...
Snowinstructors   October 08 2016   1690 and announcing co-operation is now partnering with to create a network of snowsports professionals around the world. While provides a platform for ski instructors and schools to connect and review each other, together with ski instructor jobs and information about how to become...
Snowinstructors   September 23 2016   1528  
Feeling like the biggest loser in town..
As the season continued we kept busy, working full days mostly. A whole different world comparing to the previous years I’ve been working here. But slowly, free time started to open up.. The increase in the numbers of people was mainly due to an...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   September 11 2016   665  
"The Fourth Phase" GoPro Trailer
A new trailer with more footage from The Fourth Phase has been released under the name of the "GoPro Trailer", this reveals a little bit how the boys have stepped up there riding game since the Art of Flight! The Fourth Phase premieres at the Shrine Auditorium in LA...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   August 25 2016   979  
"The Fourth Phase" Official Trailer
Travis Rice returns, and the Fourth Phase is about to become your new favourite snowboard movie. The Fourth Phase is made by the same people as Art Of Flight (2011), the high budget snowboard movie that defined an entire genre. But this new movie looks bigger, slicker, and more...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   August 17 2016   331  
Vail buys Whistler Blackcomb for $1.4B
Whistler Blackcomb Holdings will be purchased by Colorado-based Vail Resorts Inc. under a friendly deal announced this morning by the companies. The deal is expected to close in the fall. The friendly takeover of Whistler Blackcomb Holdings by an American mountain resort operator is all about long-term stability, says...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   August 09 2016   266  
The world's biggest ski area!
With a total of 2,750 kilometres (1,708 miles) of groomed trails served by more than 900 lifts Austria introduces a new lift pass that will be biggest worldwide. Putting two giant passes into one, the 'Salzburger Super Ski Card' and the 'Kitzbühel Alps AllStarCard' are merging their coverage to...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   August 04 2016   272  
Austria to EU court because of foreign ski instructors
The European Commission is taking Austria to the Court of Justice over restrictions placed on foreign instructors working in the Austria. The Commission agrees that ski instructors require adequate training and qualifications, however it believes that some of the requirements in Austria discriminate against non-Austrian ski instructors. In the...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   August 04 2016   501  
Record breaking times!
Around the time I posted my previous blog we got hit by an unusual warm front, bringing in an almost pre-season meltdown, supported by the rain that came with it. It didn’t take long for Coronet Peak, across the valley from us, to shut down close for about 2...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   July 31 2016   309  
Snowboard instructor official in Vorarlberg (Austria)
The profession of "Staatlichen Geprüfter Snowboardlehrer" (highest instructing level in Austria) und "Staatlichen Geprüfter Snowboardführer" (back country snowboard guide) are now officially set in the "skischool-law" of Austria. From now on with these educations one is allowed to work as freelancer or open his/her own snowboard-school. With lots of...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   July 11 2016   441  
Official BASI Brexit Statement
The referendum from the 23th of June results in lots of uncertainties for BASI members, and especially those working abroad in countries part of the European Union. BASI states that securing the working rights for BASI members in the EU is a key issue. But if the UK government...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   July 01 2016   650  
New Zealand; Round #3!
It has been an mazing time, living life to the fullest on the road.. from the splitboarding trip in Georgia to Russia, via the Baltic States and the Ukraine. Visiting everything from remote and underdeveloped places, beautiful countrysides, influential historical sites to one of the biggest cities on a...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 26 2016   393  
Day 723 filming on Location
Recently I posted the teaser of new Red Bull movie from Travis Rice and his mates that will be released this autumn, here’s a quick look back into the history of time with some influential moments that brought these guys to the point where they are right now. I’m...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 21 2016   298  
Andes mountain pass closed for 15 days!
One of the highest passes in the Andes, known for its scenic views, the Los Libertadores Pass connecting Argenina and Chile has just been reopened. It was closed for 15 days after it received over 3 meters of snow in just over a week. At the altitude of 3200m...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 21 2016   349  
"The Fourth Phase" Teaser
In 2011 Travis Rice and his mates from Red Bull released “The Art of Flight”, a snowboarding movie that became an iconic movie from the highest level of riding possible. Known and loved by both boarders and skiers not only because of the level of riding, but also for...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 20 2016   305  
TechnoAlpin Snowmaking
A few days ago I posted an article about a new way of snowmaking which makes it possible to produce snow without the subzero temperatures traditional snowmaking needs. See this article under resources at the bottom of this article. The revolutionary new snowmaking machine could mean ski...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 17 2016   495  
Snowmaking in summer??
With the climate change making its progression across the globe in certain areas the seasons are getting shorter every year, but not in Boreal Mountain Resort (California, USA). Here they're using a new technology of snowmaking that makes it possible to produce snow up to 26 degrees Celsius (80...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   June 12 2016   770  
Georgian Caucasus Splitboarding Adventure
Due to the bigger gap in between seasons across the globe this year I had time to explore some mountains in the Caucasus that are fairly unknown to most people. “Far” would suit the description for most people, although distance is always relative. Next stop; The Caucasus mountains in...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   May 20 2016   798  
“Staatlich” Week 4.. Check!
After the week of off-piste and avalanche training we had mid January in St. Anton the season continued in a slightly lame way.. maybe even the number one season so far.. from the bottom of the list... There just wasn't a lot of snow and things were out of...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   April 13 2016   1899  
New austrian ski instruction plan 2016
As of 2016 Austria has changed its 15 years old methodical plan which introduced carving in 2001. From now on, with a grace period of 2 years to allow supplementary training, all ski schools should teach techniques based on the "natural movement" of the body while skiing. ...
JasperJasper   February 15 2016   3652  
Mid January it was time to gear up and head over to St. Anton am Arlberg, where we gathered with the “staatlicher” crew for another week of training. This was the off-piste week including guiding, avalanche rescue, snow profiles and orientation. So lots of snow was needed, in my...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   February 13 2016   2271  
Anwärter & Filzmoos
What's more beautiful than practicing your passion? Giving the joy of your passion to others. My passion is sports, and in particular alpine skiing. That's why I decided, after finishing my bachelor Sport, Health & Management, to try to become a ski instructor. I chose to do the Anwärter...
Bram Finkers   February 08 2016   2683  
Kitzbühel 2016 Abfahrt Stürze Vergleich Streitberger Svindal Reichelt Sturz Crash Accident 23/1/2016
Axel Lund Svindal crashes in the downhill. The Hahnenkamm rennen, the Streif, in Kitzbuhel 2016. Sortlights_AT recorded a slowmotion analyse of the crash from the television. Awful images for those of us who do race .....
Snowinstructors   January 25 2016   3779  
Skiing pow in New York 2016 ! Despite all the people who are suffering in the cold, some are keen to adapt the circumstances saving them a lift ticket at least. 
Snowinstructors   January 24 2016   1995  
“Staatlich” Week 2.. Check!
After a full week of theory in Innsbruck we continued on snow in December at the Kitzsteinhorn glacier. In Innsbruck I'd seen some familiar faces, and some unfamiliar, knew some as rider and some not. I tried to create myself a picture of especially the unfamiliar and their riding.....
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   January 05 2016   1646  
I've been a skiinstructor for three years now and will start in my fourth season as soon as snow will arrive. To improve my teaching and mostly my private skiing skills I signed up for the Austrian Level 2 course with the SBSSV, called the "Landes Skilehrer 1". But...
Philipp Eisele   December 10 2015   1672  
“Staatlich” Week 1.. Check!
Monday morning, the 9th of November 2015, was a day that I'd been waiting for, for a very long time. At the University of Innsbruck the “Staatlichen Snowboardlehrer” course finally started. Together with 23 others I started with a full week of theory at the...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   November 22 2015   1072  
All good things come to an end..
A little while ago the season did come to an end, slowly all the mountains closed and started their long summer sleep till June next year. The last weeks at the Remarks business was dying out, but revived for the very last week with...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   October 18 2015   1060  
10.000 Hours..
Time flies when you're having fun.. People start to leave or are talking about leaving, that makes me realise we're coming closer to the end of the season already. Although we've got over a month left, it feels like it's almost over already. Waaay too fast.. ...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   August 27 2015   896  
Remarkable Round #2
When I wrote my last blog in April it was still unsure if my never ending winter was going to end or if I was be able to continue doing what I love so much.. It took a while, but then finally my passport arrived in the mail with...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   July 19 2015   690  
Time flies when you're having fun. The season is over already.. The last weeks passed by with the speed of light, Easter came early this year and as the scheduled closing day is based on Easter we didn't had the 1 or 2 extra weeks at the end. This...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   April 20 2015   773  
Satisfy your children's ski class with candy ?!
Working in the skischool I noticed more and more instructors giving candy to their children group(s) during the day. With all the (added) sugar into products available and the amount of sugar a child eats a day, our question is if an instructor should offer candy at all. Why...
Snowinstructors   March 02 2015   726  
Powdertime, summer and Dutch madness..
A while passed by since my last sign of being alive, it has been a busy time.. sorry for that! When I wrote my last blog somewhere at the beginning of the second week of January we just got our first real dump of the season. Until than it...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   February 21 2015   627  
The Austrian Landes 1 Qualification
This year, I took my Landes 1 ski qualification, and the Anwärter snowboard qualification, which you can read about here. Both with the Wiener Ski- & Snowboardlehrer Verband (WSSV). Spoiler alert - I passed, although there were a surprising amount of people who didn't. This was a...
Ryan King   February 08 2015   2885  
Very.. Very Last Minute..
Long before the season started, somewhere in the last week of October, everything here in Filzmoos turned white already. Massive dumps, especially for the time of the year, all over the European Alps.. Meters of snow on the weather forecast.. everybody turned insane.. But a few weeks later all...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   January 11 2015   937  
Stunning Ski Instructor Calendar 2015
Now that the New Year is officially, it’s time for a fresh calendar. Ski Instructors need look no further, thanks to the release of the Ski Instructor Calendar 2015. The black-and-white calendar comes in two versions: one featuring male instructors and another starring women. No...
Snowinstructors   January 03 2015   1531  
Anwärter Ski
If someone told me a few years ago I was ever gonna consider doing what I did in the November month, I would have thought that you smashed your head hard against something solid.. turned insane and completely lost your mind.. But now it turned into reality.. it has...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   December 14 2014   1605  
Most insane ski line EVER
Maybe the most insane skiing line ever done? Watch, and judge yourself! Rider Cody Townsend, from "Days of my Youth". Click the picture for the video.
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   December 09 2014   1258  
Skier Fail
Most epic fail ever? Click for the video!
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   December 08 2014   622  
Britons' Favourite Ski Resort
France is the most popular ski destination for Brits this winter accounting for a staggering 87 per cent of all enquiries. Austria and Switzerland remain popular, although demand for both is down on last year while Andorra has seen a significant hike in popularity with...
Alwin BakkerAlwin Bakker   December 07 2014   795  
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