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My name is Louis Springfield, I am 22 years old, and a Level 2 certified Snowboard Instructor (SBINZ). I have recently passed my Level 2 exams and am very excited to get started in my rookie season instructing. I am a personable individual and a passionate snowboarder who loves helping others improve their riding. I have an upper second-class degree (2:1) in Psychology; I have taken courses in cognitive, social and developmental psychology, and thus have a developed understanding of how people, especially children, think, learn, and respond to different styles of teaching. I have worked closely with children all my life, child-minding and tutoring subjects such as Maths and English – working with children from multiple cultures. I also have a great deal of experience in customer service industries (such as logistics), so am experienced in working professionally with customers of many backgrounds and trades. I have snowboarded since 2006 and have been trained by, and shadowed lessons with some of the best coaches in the world over in New Zealand ( Tony Macri, Paul Philip, Rhys Jones, Richie Webb, Craig Reynolds) and would love to bring some of the riding and teaching skills I have developed to my next destination in Europe or Asia.

Although my career in this industry is just beginning, I am certain that what I lack in teaching experience I will make up for in enthusiasm, personality, and eagerness to learn. Working in this industry is something I have wanted to do since I started snowboarding a decade ago. It would be a dream of mine to become part of an instructor team, and to teach something I love in such a beautiful place with other dedicated snow lovers.

I will be able to start work whenever needed, and will be available for the entirety of the season. I am happy to be contacted by phone (+447886634201) or by skype (springers11) for an interview if you would like to hear more about what I will be able to bring your company given the opportunity.


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