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My name is Carlo Taurino, and I am your new Snowboard Instructor.

Originally from Turin, Italy, home of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, in February 2013 I travelled to Australia not being able to speak more than 3 words in English, but I never let that stop me. Now I’ve been travelling for over 5 years in more than 7 countries, I speak fluent English and French to conversational level and I’ve been working as full time Snowboard Instructor in the past 4 back to back winter seasons.

I achieved my NZSIA (SBINZ) Level 1, Level 2 and Children Teaching Certification in 2015 during the winter season in Cardrona, New Zealand. Within both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, I was incredibly proud to have graduated with the highest scores from the entire course. Currently still working at Cardrona, I recently achieved the SBINZ level 3 certificate to complete my qualification as I am completely dedicated to this job with passion and ready to invest all my time and savings to improve my teaching and riding. I really really love my job and I take it quite seriously.

Now with few years worth of experience I’m not only comfortable on all terrains, I am also safe and my riding is clean and professional. After taking a freestyle training in the world famous Cardrona Parks I feel like my confidence and my skills are improving by the day. 
I always keep up to date with new teaching techniques and rider analysis because instructing is my absolute passion and to me the most important skill is to be able to connect with people and make them fall in love with snowboarding prioritising the experience they can have on the mountain in my company and the best feedback I could get is the smile on the faces of my satisfied customers; and fortunately I get that a lot.

As I realised my passion for snowboarding is more than a hobby, it is my ideal career, I have invested all my savings and spare time into turning this dream into reality. 

I have a varied work background in tourist entertainment, public relations and hospitality; because of this I have exceptional communication skills and can deliver unrivalled guest service, also with the knowledge of three different languages, Italian (mother tongue), fluent advanced English and French.
I don’t shy away from anything, in fact I relish hard work, teaching also Skiing to large groups of people and working in extreme weather conditions.
I’m looking forward to put all my skills and passion into practice in different environments, terrain and with new people. I’m a very easy going and smiley person but I’m also incredibly professional; and I seek to input my personality and positive energy into my work.
Let’s make it happen!


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