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Instructor salary in Les 2 Alpes - France

Instructor salary in Les 2 Alpes, France

$ 55.00
Teaching privat class
For a coffee on slope

Salary details

Type of contract
Active seasons
Type of lesson
Wage p/h
Hours p/d
Price for a coffee
$3.60 (in resort, on the slopes)
Date Verified
07 Feb 2016

Country & Region worked

Qualifications of Instructor

Ski ISIA Card

Additional Information

Please read all the custom fields and extra information about how the hourly salary is constructed. Multiple factors like certification level, experiences and ski school remmitances might apply. All amounts are set in US $, hover/click on the amounts to see current exchange rates. For your objective thoughts about the country/region we also asked how much 1 regular coffee does on the slopes, during the season.

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