How to pick the right skischool

How to pick the right skischool

   August 21 2015  
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How to pick the right skischool
You have got your instructors license, that's great! But now you have to pick the right skischool..... This blog will guide you through general 'points to think of'. Finding the right skischool will boost your positive experiences during your (first) season.

Country vs. Qualification

One of the first things to consider is if your qualification is valid in the country of the skischool you would like to work in. Not every system is recognized by other governments/ countries as their system and recognition also changes based on new laws (especially in the EU).
ISIA has made a equivalent chart you may check but the easier path is to ask the skischool directly if they accept your certification and at what level. Check ISIA Website: "ISIA Qualification List"


What do you like? Party? Cosy? Large off-piste possibilities? Take close look at the skiresorts possibilities, bars and other things to do. I bet you do not want to end up in a 1 lift skiresort.
There are several websites where you can check the slopes and possibilities, one of my favorite is which lists allmost all resorts around the world.


Ask a contract! You are not going to be a "high season" worker and don't want to be treated that way (skischools often 'hire' more instructors than they actually need). When bookings are low they will shift their staff.
Questions to be asked during negotiation:

  1. What's included?
    Probably the easiest question to start with; what's included in the contract offered.
  2. How many hours am I able to work in a week?
    Contracts mostly state a wage based on a 36h a week. Most skischools will not offer those hours.
  3. Extra income?
    Am I able to gain extra money doing other (related) work?
  4. Do I face remmitance on money?
    Especially Austrian/ European skischools charge you, as a employee, for various things like your skischool outfit, skipass, housing etc.
  5. Insurance?
    Does the skischool offer a insurance for health & salary? (in case you brake a leg)?
During your skiresort search mentioned earlier, take a close look at the season opening hours and ask the skischool up front untill when they have work for you (and ask them to write that down in the contract!). Particularly at the end of the season there is little work to be done and you would not end up doing nothing. 


Basic idea, what salary is "normal" compared to the price of a beer?

For Austria
Minimum wage fulltime job 36 hour/week (please read 'Contract' point 2):

  • Anwarter/ Level 1: € 850,- p/month
  • Landesleraar/ Level 1: € 1000,- p/month
  • Staatlicher/ Level 4: € 1250,- p/month
  • Remmitances: Room: €8,- p/night, Season skipass between €50 - €100,-
Price for a beer on the slopes: € 2,80

Here we would like to write down some user experiences from all over the world, please reply with your experiences.

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