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Best ski and snowboard instructor apps

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Ski & Snowboard Instructor Exercises App

Ski & Snowboard Instructor Exercises App

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This app is your exercise pocket guide to boost the quality of your classes, your clients will be surprised with all the fun exercises you can come up with during your class. Purchase the Snowinstructors Exercise app now from Google Play or Apple iOS store based on a yearly subscription.

Small fee for great ideas!
We offer you the best tool ever invented for Snowsport instructors! You will love it. This is not a basic ski school app, but we actually help you teach. And all content is delivered to you by the pro's!

Based on Exercise Tags
Find the appropriate exercise you need fast based on our searchable framework with tags. Each exercise has it's own subject, target and goal set. This way you can, for example, easily find the right exercise if you want to train 'movement' , for 'adults' , in 'long turns'  

This is NOT a ski school app
This app does NOT substitute a ski schools. This app is designed to raise the level of instruction for Snowsport Instructors 

Register as Snowsports Instructor
Only Snowsports instructors are able to get support for the app in our community.
Hudle Technique App

Hudle Technique App

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Record. Instant Analyze. Improve !

Ski and Snowboard Instructors use Hudl Technique to offer instand feedback o their clients and improve their skills through slow motion video analysis. 

Use your iPhone, iTouch or iPad camera to record and break down the technique for your clients for instant feedback on the slopes. The time of video analysis during a midday break or afterwards is history.

Just right after the run you are able to analyze the turns in super slow motion, compare these turns to a pro by laying the images on top of each other and sent your client up again for another practice round.

  • Slow-Motion Playback
    By reviewing each rep in 240 frames per second, you get a closer look at what went wrong and how to improve it. 
  • Notes and Drawings
    Make each video an in-depth lesson with comments, drawings and angles about what happened 1 minute ago.

Best of all.... its FREE !


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If you are planning a tour with guests into the back country or just want to ski off piste on the sides of the prepared slopes, the Mammut Safety app is a very useful tool. User interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. App has many useful features for both the track and off-piste, such as a clinometer, compass and an altimeter. The app also includes a SOS function to communicate GPS data to regional rescue services and your number of choice. However you your smartphone is not a beacon, meaning it does not replace the PIEPS device.
The app links to the avalanche bulletins worldwide and offers a risk check to quickly define the level of risk on location. The app does not eliminate risk, it is only a tool to help avoid accidents and enable a fast rescue.

  • Clinometer - estimate the slope angle
  • Compass - determine the slope exposition
  • Altimeter - measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level
  • SOS function
  • Worldwide avalanche bulettins
  • Risk check - on site
This feature allows you to find out on site weather the conditions are favourable for a descent or not. The assessment is based on the following main risk factors:
  • How high is the risk level?
  • Is the slope exposure favorable or not?
  • How steep is the steepest part of the slope?
Using this app it is possible to quickly determine the risk and make a decision.

Skiers who want to dwell into the backcountry should not rely soley on this app and it should not be the only source of risk assesment. The app s a great tool as an addition to a good preparation at home. 
3 results - showing 1 - 3  
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