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Sun Peaks
Sun Peaks Review
Sun Peaks has a very small town as it's resort, but the skiable area is huge. The ski school was really well organised and structured. If there was a rating for that I'd give...
Pieter Sneep
SIA Ski Instructor Academy Austria
Best course I could find............
Great course, fun, affordable great location, training facility's and off the hill training and best off all they get you a job if you pass your exams. I looked at many different courses and...
Andy Rose
Ski school aktiv Fügen / Fügenberg
Ski aktiv
Realy nice a good atmosphere! A tiny ski school with nice skiinstructors  I have worked for 1 week and i have a lot of fun  Small classes with 6 kids max 7 kids ...
Ski school Frau Holle
Skischool Frau Holle Obertauern
very good skischool, and also nice clothing. In Obertauern are a lot of possibilities for freeskiing. like this Place!!!!!
Joep Schoof
Alpin-Ski school Saalbach/Hinterglemm
cool skischool
a relatively new skischool, with young motivated instructors in a awesome skiarea!
Ski School Dienten
My Second Family
4.3 It's a ski and snowboard school, but mostly we have ski guests. We are a little family and the atmosphere is also like that. I feel well received and it's my second...
Celine Leitloff
Ski school Bödmen-Baad
Motivated, enthusiastic and supportive team
Skischule Bödmen-Baad is a really well organised and structured ski school with a great atmosphere. It is a motivated and enthusiastic team of instructors, colleagues of the ski rental, office staff and manager....
Ski school Karl Maier
Rauris is a small town but is has challenging slopes for everyone. For the little ones there's a slope down in the valley. So they don't have to go all the way up...
Kirsten Smeink
Ski school aktiv Fügen / Fügenberg
Cozy skischool
Cozy little ski school (about 20 ski instructors ) . I have worked here for more then 5 years with great pleasure during holiday weeks. Neatly arranged and small groups (max 7 kids in...
Ski school Mittelberg-Tobel
Schischule Mittelberg
Middle-sized skischool. In high season about 40 instructors. Mainly Austrian, but also Dutch and German instructors. Good atmosphere. Young team. The ski area has around 130 km of slopes. Normally lots of snow...
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