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Ski school Bögei - Filzmoos
Best by far!!
I Worked at Bögei Skischule during the season 14/15 and loved every minute of it. After working at a few diffrent ski schools in Austria over the past 4 years I discovered Skischule Bögei...
Sun Peaks
Sun Peaks Review
Sun Peaks has a very small town as it's resort, but the skiable area is huge. The ski school was really well organised and structured. If there was a rating for that I'd give...
Pieter Sneep
The Remarkables
The Remarkables
Such a nice place to work! Real good team, growing in experience. Massive developments up there. You will probably have to find your own place to stay though. But it's not too hard (if...
Snow and Fun Ski and Snowboard school
Snow and Fun
During my Christmas holiday I worked for Skischool "Snow and Fun" in Saalbach Hinterglemm. This school is one of the biggest in Austria, with approximately 120 ski-instructors and a small snowboard team with ten...
Danielle Hoogland
Ski and Snowboard school Mayer Hinterthal-Höchkönig
Small, good skischool in Hochkönig area!
Overall very good skischool! Teamwork is the most important!! (Small ski schools don't need lazy, drinking, wanna-be instructors!) Skischool Mayer offers instructors a fair pay, shared rooming in the house underneath the ski-school, a...
Weltmeister Ski School Top Alpin
Weltmeister schischule Top Alpin is a great place to work.  The skischool is not so big (low season: 15 instructors). there for, the athmopshere is great!  accomodation is NICE. You can walk to...
Jorrit Roth
Ski school Bödmen-Baad
Motivated, enthusiastic and supportive team
Skischule Bödmen-Baad is a really well organised and structured ski school with a great atmosphere. It is a motivated and enthusiastic team of instructors, colleagues of the ski rental, office staff and manager....
Nothin but Snow
Best season ever
Guaranteed the best season you'll have!!
Alpin-Ski school Saalbach/Hinterglemm
cool skischool
a relatively new skischool, with young motivated instructors in a awesome skiarea!
Ski school Lofer
Small Bud lovly
Hello !  Im working in Skischule Lofer Herbst for 8 jears new and i love iT here ! Its small Bud Nice , slopen for evrybody, realy good for family's with kids an...
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