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Experienced Ski Instructor
Experience level
3-5 Years
  • Accommodation
  • Ski Pass
  • Uniform
Est. Wage p/m
USD 3,000.00
Est. Wage p/h
USD 30.00
Job Details
Ski or Snowboard Instructor Training Course - Guaranteed Job Included
Experience level
No Experience needed
  • Accommodation
  • Course Programme
  • Salary
  • Ski Pass
  • Training
  • Uniform
Job Details

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Explaining common sense.. or not?
From a beginner to an intermediate or advanced guest you’re teaching, on most regular teaching days instructors will encounter a lot of little problems that do seem so obvious and common sense. Not all these problems are so common sense to the people you’re teaching, sometimes it will help...
The Beautiful Art of “The Turn”
The holy grail with beginners or beginner lessons is mostly; “Can you turn?” And if you can, you’re considered somebody who can ski / ride by many. This has evolved to a level where instructors “preach” that one always has to turn.. This might relate to snowboarders more than...
Whistler Life
Things are running smooth here, where the start in town was a little chaotic and the training was tons of information, now the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. And even before I started working I got “promoted” already. Because of the sheer size of the snow school...
Never Waxing Anymore – DPS Phantom Base Glide Treatment
A while ago I saw DPS Skis announcing a new product, not skis but a treatment for your base that eliminates the need to wax forever. I didn’t pay too much attention, till it came up on a chairlift conversation this morning. It’s called the “PHANTOM Permanent Base Glide...

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Ski school aktiv Fügen / Fügenberg
Cozy skischool
Cozy little ski school (about 20 ski instructors ) . I have worked here for more then 5 years with great pleasure during holiday weeks. Neatly arranged and small groups (max 7 kids in...

Average instructor salary in Europe

$45.14 p/h
Teaching privat class
$16.05 p/h
Teaching group class
For a coffee on slope
Database of ski instructor salary payments on different instructor levels around the world. Check your expected salary and deductions.
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